Classes & fees


Introductory Monthly charges (no subscription, cancel anytime): All of our fees cover the operating costs for our non-profit since most of our instructors are volunteers.  Any donations will go into the community fund to financially assist and sponsor those who are in need.  If you miss class, there is no make up class or refunds for monthly charges.

Individual:  $60/monthly 

Pay per class: $20 per person per class

Promotion Testing fees for under black belt: $40 per person (includes board breaking, new belt, and certificate).  Testing occurs every three months. 

Black Belt Testing fees: Depends on rank with Kukkiwon Registration. 

We recommend students to try out a free class before joining. Sign our waiver to try out a free class. 

Income-based Tuition: Please fill out our application for financial assistance.  We will contact you if your application is approved.

Family Discount: -$10 off original monthly tuition for each additional member of a family (For Example: 1st member = $60, 2nd member =$50, 3rd member = $50, etc.)

Senior (65+), Teacher, Military discount: $10 off original monthly tuition

*Please set up your recurring monthly payments below.  You can cancel recurring payments by giving us a 30 day notice.  

pick your rate and pay below:

Individual Rate

(For one person enrolling)

Family rate

(For families who are enrolling more than two students)

Military/Teacher/Senior 65+ discount

100% of your donation will be put towards income-based tuition, financial aid, uniforms & supplies our community outreach. 

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